Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials

Wonderfully welcoming and caring.  A real joy to go to the dentist CP


I left happy that a usually unpleasant thing (dental cleaning) was actually enjoyable and fun because of the people involved. 


Awesome!  I'm always greeted with a smile and hugged by the amazing Sarah.  It's a very friendly atmosphere from the second you walk in.  SCG


Excellent!  I have been going to Dr. Kim's office for over 8 years and love it! Sarah, the office manager is wonderful.  she always calls me by name and asks how I am doing.  The staff is wonderful!   LP


I thought the service I received was great!  The staff is so friendly and great to work with.  


 Best dental experience I have ever had!  Every part of the visit was great and everyone there is terrific! KP


GREAT!!  Very Thorough.  Short wait time to be seen.  Nice place.  No complaints.  All staff were on the same page... Expressing the importance of FLOSSING! :)  JB


I always leave your office with a great feeling of the best quality service that can be done.  The atmosphere has always been great in the last 9 years that I have been a patient.  You feel like you not only went to the dentist to take care of your dental health, but like you had a visit with good friends.  Dr. Kim does a great job in choosing friendly, sincere, compassionate, and qualified employees.  NC


Wonderful!!  I have been going to Dr. Kim for 10 years.   Him and his staff are great!  JH


Good dental practice with warm and inviting environment.  The atmosphere at the office makes me feel comfortable.  PB


Very professional, efficient, and thoughtful.  Glad to trust my dental work to this practice.  FW


Excellent!  From check in to cleaning to departure.  Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.  DT


Excellent.  Very professional, no waiting.  In the past at another practice I felt like every visit I had required a follow up visit.  I was not always convinced that it was appropriate.  An example was that I was told my 2 front teeth needed crowns.  I was so upset.  When I came to Dr. Kim, he found nothing wrong with my 2 front teeth.  I have never felts pushed to do things unnecessarily at this practice.  AH



I have been going to Dr. Kim for years and have always received great service.  He explains the process prior to what is being done and consistently ensures that you are okay during the visit.  PO


It was absolutely fabulous!!  That was the most thorough exam of my teeth I have EVER received!!  He took the time to break down every single issue, what I need done, and why!  He came highly recommended from 1-800-Dentist and Dr. Haglund spoke highly of him as well and I see why.  It is so professional and I feel I am in good hands.  I just went through a nightmare experience with another dentist and Dr. Kim has given me hope that everything will be alright.  They are professional on all hands, at the front and in the chair!  KH


Very clean off with great service.  RM


Excellent dental care, highly professional and competent team with a customer friendly atmosphere that makes us feel comfortable and welcome.  DA


Very friendly staff.  Short wait time. Great explanation of plan of care. 


I very much like this practice and the people associated with it.  I have not been disappointed yet. WS


Treated as an individual in a very professional manner.  Keep up the excellent care you provide.  AH


Excellent customer service and always fun to chat.  The staff always greets me with a personal touch.  RV


My dental cleaning was the "best" on 2/4/14.  I had Brooke. She did the most thorough cleaning without all the chitchat.  I asked to keep her for my next cleaning.  She was really the BEST and I highly recommend her as she is so professional and kind.  The receptionist is the BEST ever.  She went the extra mile along with the others to fit me in.  I love this office and all the staff and I believe that Dr. Kim makes it a wonderful place to visit by having all the right people working for him.  My nine years going to this office has been GREAT!  Thank you to each and every person employed there. --NC



 I would not change a thing.  The staff could teach other offices' staff members how to provide "Great" customer service! --RH


I am not an easy patient because my mouth is more sensitive to pain that most other people.  Yet, Dr. Kim puts up with me each time and I really appreciate his kind and professional demeanor.  The whole staff is exceptionally caring and always offer good advice.  --AD


Having been a patient for 10 years, I have seem the team and practice grow and it has been a real pleasure.  Have to hand it to Anna and Patricia for making full mouth reconstruction as fun as you can!!  --PB


Mala is wonderful and she let us know about the early detection oral cancer screening that is available.  I would NOT change a thing about my experience with this office.  I was transferring my daughter to a dentist in Charlotte and immediately knew we made the right choice when we walked in.  I met Mala and the office manager and was VERY HAPPY... Can't wait until my next appointment. I love the staff!!


There is a TV monitor for cavity procedures.  I love the lip gloss that comes in the goody bag! The staff is personable, friendly, and nice.  I was treated professionally and felt comfortable to be there.  Everyone is so happy and seem as though the enjoy coming to work. 


"They are loads of fun and make coming to the dentist enjoyable!" TB


Excellent Customer Service and dental work! DW


It was appropriately furnished and the staff was very welcoming and professional.  The procedure I had was professionally performed and I felt quite comfortable with Dr. Kim and his staff. 


I love the office staff at Dr. Kim' s office as well as Dr. Kim.  I don't typically love going to the dentist but this is actually a place I feel very comfortable and enjoy seeing everyone.  The staff is wonderful here.  Everyone is kind, considerate, and they make a point to know you by name which is uncommon these days.  You are doing a great job. 


 The customer service is always A+ and the staff is very friendly.  The staff is very passionate and informative to every customer.  There were no surprises during our visit.  We knew exactly what we were going in for and the cost of our services.  Thanks Sarah!   Keep up the good work, you are role models for other dental professionals to follow.  We thank you all so much for allowing God to use you to bless others!


I am always looking forward to visiting your office because everyone in your office is very sweet and kind to me. The complimentary coffee is wonderful!


I like prompt appointment times.  Gentle needle in the gums.  Minor discomfort during shots.  My repaired teeth look great.  The staff treats me well every time I go.  __


I love the family environment and patient recognition I receive every time I walk in.  Also, I never have to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen.  It's important to me when people value my time as much as I do.  The staff treat me like family.  I've been a patient there for almost 3 years, and even though I could easily find another dentist in my area, I continue to see Dr. Kim and his staff because of the top-notch dental care I receive.  


This office has a nice atmosphere.  The service is great and timely.  Everyone at this office is knowledgeable and professional, but friendly at the same time. They always treat me well. 


My visits to Dr. Kim's office are always enjoyable, YES, "enjoyable" dentist visit.  Everyone is happy and seem to genuinely enjoy their work.  I am treated exceptionally well every time.  Just keep doing what you are doing!! __


My experience is alway a pleasant one.  I appreciate the fact that Dr. Kim and staff are always willing to work around any obstacle.  When I first started seeing Dr. Kim, I needed quite a bit done and we fit in urgent items first, but then worked around my timing and insurance schedule so I got the best possible treatment and as little money out of pocket.  I also enjoy the flat screens for longer appointments!!  The staff is always beyond courteous and accommodating.  I love Valerie (who typically cleans my teeth) as she is always so thorough and has great tips and ideas about flossing and such.  It is because of her that we invested in the electric toothbrush, which we love.  Additionally, I had to cancel and reschedule my most recent appointment and reschedule a week later due to illness; not only did the staff accommodate me, but the next day, I received a get well card in the mail!!  They truly go above and beyond.  I wouldn't change a thing!! 


I tell all my friends about your office and recommend them to come for a visit :)  I like the professionalism of everyone and the way everyone listens to what you would like done and work with you to make it happen.  I am made to feel not only like a patient, but like a friend.  The atmosphere is very nice.  This is a great place for the new patient that is concerned about visiting the dentist. I don't see anything that could be done to make it better.  I give it five stars *****


I always find the hygienist to be very friendly and aware of my needs as a patient.  The overall examination and cleaning is done with only the highest expectations and professionalism set by the entire staff.  They always make sure you are comfortable and make sure you are aware of any pressing issues concerning your dental health.  Since becoming a patient of Dr. Kim, I have always been treated with the utmost respect and professionalism by the entire staff.  It is a very friendly office with the highest state-of-the-art dental equipment.  Top notch!


The staff is very knowledgeable, responsive, and pleasant.  Service is incomparable to what I have experienced in my past.  I am treated like first class :)  Thank you for the service and I look forward to my next dental visit.


The rooms are modern.  The staff are nice and funny, but professional.  I am treated very well.  Sarah has gone out of her way to help me reschedule some of my appointments because of work travels.  I can't think of a thing I would change.  It's perfect for me!


I like the staff and the punctuality of appointments.  The information provided to me throughout my appointment was exceptional and answered all of my questions.   The staff treats everyone with excellence.  I couldn't ask for a nicer, more friendly staff.  Everyone makes me feel comfortable. 

At this office I like the comparatively little wait time and Dr. Kim's great attention to detail which give a great end result.  In the future,  I would like to be updated on each step during restorative procedures though many wish not to know.  Sarah has to be the nicest office manager I've ever met.


I love the staff and the dentist because everyone is friendly and nice.  I also love the goody bags you get after cleaning appointments.  The coupons on things like toothpaste, floss, and toothbrushes are awesome for someone in college.  Every little bit helps.  I am always treated well by  the staff and dentist. 


I don't have to wait long to be seated.  The staff was patient, punctual, and answered all of my questions.  They were understanding and worked hard to help me reschedule my appointment on Monday.  I would not change a thing about this office. 


I like it when they call me "The Fonz."  Other than being taunted about nearly fainting before they got started, I am treated well. :)  I would like to see a Diet Mountain Dew fountain in the future.  


I like the professional and courteous service they offer.  The staff is courteous and they make me comfortable during my dental experience.  Keep up the great service!!


This practice has a friendly staff, clean office, clean exam rooms, and you get personal attention from the dentist.  The staff is warm and friendly. 


The staff is nice and they help you understand what is needed and what they are doing.  I don't like coming to the dentist, but the people here really help.  I am always treated with respect.  I came to this office because many of my friends recommended you. 


As always, everyone is HAPPY!!!  I'd like to see Doughnuts and Soda in the future!!! Just Kidding, the staff does a wonderful job and makes visiting the dentist enjoyable!  Thank You!


The staff are personable and helpful.  It's obvious that Dr. Kim takes pride in his work and his team.  I appreciate the follow up call from Dr. Kim after my procedure. 


The office is clean, appointments are prompt, and staff friendly.  Love the snapshot of the office staff! I love that I can confirm, make, or reschedule appointments online because I have a busy schedule. 


Dr. Kim does great work. 


I like the personal attention given to me by the staff.  Valerie does a great job.  So does Dr. Kim.  Dr. Kim actually followed up with me by phone after my temporary crown was placed.  Nice Touch!


Love--Quick wait time, gentle cleaning/x-rays, comfortable waiting room, goodie bag (Love the Lip Balm)!!  It's the little things that make the difference. The turnover rate is either very little or doesn't exist.  You can confirm your appointments online.  Everyone is kind and friendly.  Even when they know you are busy, they make time for you.  They know you by name, they ask about your family, they work to give you appointments that fit your schedule. 


The staff is incredible.  The always greet me with a smile and by name, and not only remember my name, but ask about my family and my life.  They genuinely care about me.  I have had extensive dental work done by this staff and they even opened especially for me one day to complete my implants and veneers in time for my wedding day.  Sarah also sent me a card and a gift when I had my baby!  They talk to me about my treatment and show it to me on pictures to help me understand.  I would love to write a testimonial for this office! 


 Always a courteous staff and clean atmosphere!  SK


All staff was personable and polite.


Everyone was friendly as they usually are and very informative regarding my procedures.  So glad to be a patient again! AC


Kind staff.  Before and after pictures.  Willingness to work with payment arrangements and quick responses via email.  They are always willing to work with my schedule.  JS


The friendliness of the staff, complete confidence in Dr. Kim.  I got a complete understanding of dental work needed and what procedures would correct the problems.  I definitely left the practice with a good understanding of my dental situation and also appreciate the itemized cost of future dental work that they provided me with.  TC


Everyone was very friendly and professional. The office is attractively decorated and the staff is well trained as well as friendly to patients. Don't change a thing! MB


We always love our visits.  Dr. Kim and his staff make you feel comfortable and cared about.  Sarah is great!!  The office is always clean and the environment is calm...perfect. 


Everyone is cordial, friendly, and helpful. WJ


Dr. Tommy Kim's office staff is outstanding in customer service.  Particularly, Sarah who does a great job managing the office duties.  She and Maggie were able to accommodate me pretty soon.  I appreciate Dr. Kim calling me back and advising me on what to do for my chipped off tooth.  I believe he also covered the service.  I really appreciate the entire facility provided for the patients.  Please continue with excellent customer service.


The staff, as always, is very courteous and gracious upon my scheduled arrival.  I am informed on the various dental procedures I am going to need in the future.  Dr. Kim always creates an itemized bill and statement that shows the cost of the procedures I need to have done.  He runs an excellent and professional office.  There is nothing I would change.


Everyone is very nice-- I have always felt comfortable with Dr. Kim and his staff who I highly recommend to anyone I know who is looking for a great dentist!


Friendly right in


The staff is very friendly-- I got to see Sarah right before I walked out--she is the best and brightens up the day!!  I missed Dr. Kim on this visit, hope he is all better now.  You are not allowed to get sick anymore! The office is almost perfect! The ability to confirm appointments via text or email is awesome, efficient, and convenient! JW


The staff is awesome!!  They have great customer service and a big smile :)-  RV


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